Bringing Exit Sign Aesthetics Into The 21st Century

Dieter Rams worked for Bosch during the 60s and 70s. His designs would go on to inspire the new wave of products that marked Apple's renaissance in the late 90s and early 00's. He developed a short list of 10 design principles that he followed. 

Among them are that good design...

1. Is innovative 

2. Is aesthetic 

3. Makes a product understandable

4. Is unobtrusive

5. Is long lasting.

Exit signs, by their pragmatic nature are considered an ugly and obtrusive necessity by architects. Given the very exacting specification that the design must follow, there is little freedom to produce an eye pleasing design. 

However we've put some thought in to both minimize its impact on the aesthetics of the building and impart a high-quality look to what is still visible.

The visual footprint of the sign has been minimised by having all of the running gear and the extruded flange above the ceiling tile. What remains are a small flange and the visible acrylic blades that convey information to building occupants.

Colored LEDs have been used as appropriate to provide highly saturated colour rather than simply using white LEDs and then filtering with a printed decal. Following this approach the sign also becomes more understandable by changing colour and flashing in an emergency. If the building occupants are used to seeing a sign that is normally white lettering on a green background in front of a particular EXIT, and for whatever reason that particular EXIT becomes a NO EXIT then the sign is flashed RED to provide a salient indicator of the change in situation.  The sign's illumination has been made as uniform as possible since this is the expectation given modern display technology. Non uniform illumination results in a sign that looks muddy.

VizzyBell NEXIT signs have been built to last by lots of LEDs running at low current, with an open design where individual components within the running gear can be replaced there is a failure.

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