The NZ Building Code - Clause F8 'Signs'

F8.1 The objective of this Provision is to:

(A) Safeguard People from injury or illness resulting from inadequate identification of escape routes, or of hazards within or about the building

(B) Safeguard people from loss of amenity due to inadequate direction

(C) Ensure that people with disabilities are able to carry out normal activities and processes within buildings

The Vizzybell NEXIT

Vizzybell NEXIT signage clearly identifies the correct and safe escape route during an emergency situation 

People evacuating can clearly identify the direction to take for a safe egress

F8.2 Signs must be provided in and about buildings to identify

(A) Escape Routes

(B) Emergency-related safety features

(C) Potential hazards, and

(D) Accessible routes and facilities for people with disabilities

The Vizzybell NEXIT

The single Vizzybell NEXIT eliminates confusion and clearly identifies which are accessible and inaccessible during a fire emergency.

Some of the current solution provided are confusing, misleading and can potentially direct people into an inaccessible area (Location of the fire)  

F8.3.1 Signs

Signs must be clearly visible and readily understandable under all conditions of foreseeable use, including emergency conditions  

The Vizzybell NEXIT

The Vizzybell NEXIT is clearly understandable to all occupants under all fire situations with in the building 

F8.3.2 Signs

Signs identifying potential hazards must be provided and located so that people encounter the signs before encountering the potential hazard

The Vizzybell NEXIT

Clearly indicates which areas not to enter during an emergency 

F8.3.3 Signs to facilitate escape to a place of safety must be provided and:

(A) Be located to Identify the escape routes 

(B) Continue to meet the performance requirements in Clause F8.3.1 during failure of mains lighting for the period required by performance F6.3.4 and performance F6.3.5 

The Vizzybell NEXIT

The Vizzybell NEXIT clearly identifies the escape routes and updates information as the situation changes

Each Vizzybell NEXIT sign has it's own battery back that will power the unit for up to 3 hours post mains power failure


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