The Vizzybell Story

At Vizzybell, our vision is our motto: Innovation in Fire Safety. 

We provide specialist EXIT and NO EXIT fire exit signs that change state in real time. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we have been heavily involved in fire safety and fire risk work.

During the evacuation consultancy work conducted by NZ Fire and Compliance Ltd, Vizzybell founders Alistair and Brent started working with large organisations such as Hospitals and rest homes that perform staged evacuations. These type of evacuations are essential for the organisations, in order to keep their sick and frail occupants safe from the elements and to ensure vital services remain operational. 

It was through this work that Alistair identified the need for more precise EXIT/NO EXIT signage within these buildings to ensure the occupants have a clear understanding of a safe exit from a possible deadly fire situation. It was from this the Vizzybell NEXIT sign was born.  

The Vizzybell NEXIT is an interactive illuminated egress sign that switches from a solid Green EXIT to a flashing Red NO EXIT state from and input via an analogue addressable fire alarm and will be position above the doors separating the firecells within a building.

Under the current solution, there will simply be an EXIT sign to indicate all escape routes, which may lead people into the fire situation;  or, there will be an EXIT sign with a FIRE ALARM DO NOT ENTER sign that may be flashing adjacent to it. 

In both cases the signage can be confusing, misleading and not be compliant with relevant New Zealand Building Codes. The NEXIT solves these problems and improves a building's fire safety standard by clearly indicating whether it is safe to egress or whether an alternative path may be necessary.

As well as safeguarding the occupants within the building and providing piece of mind in an emergency situations, the NEXIT replaces two units with one, reducing your initial and ongoing compliance costs. 

The team at Vizzybell have not only solved an ongoing complex issue, but have also taken the time to ensure the product range comes with a more contemporary, sleek look to suit modern buildings.

As well as the NEXIT, Vizzybell have a full range of normal EXIT and running man options in the same contemporary design

The Vizzybell product ranges are fully compliant with AS/NZS 60598.2.22 Luminaries for Emergency Lighting.


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