Meet the Team...

Brent Bell

Brent started out in the Aerospace industry where he spent 14 year as an aircraft engineer in both NZ and Europe. Upon returning to NZ, he joined Alistair to grow the family building compliance business. 

Brent's knowledge of engineering and his experience gained in the building compliance industry has aided greatly in the development of the Vizzybell product range.

Alistair Bell

Alistair started out his working career as a cabinet maker/carpenter, but soon moved to become a qualified firefighter, where he spent 13 year in the Fire Service. 

His building experience and knowledge from the fire service brought him into the Building Compliance industry and on to start his own company NZ Fire and Compliance Ltd www.nzfire.co.nz. From here and through the evacuation consultancy side of the business that the initial ideal for the NEXIT was born.

Gareth Bell

Gareth has spent his working career working in the research and development sector, focusing mainly on developing optical solutions for multi layered screens in both the gaming and automotive industry. 

It was through Gareth's optical expertise whilst collaborating with Alistair and Brent that the initial concept of the NEXIT was born.  


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